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I like to draw, and at this rate I don't think I'll ever run out of stories to tell. Here's a list of my comic-like works, which will forevermore be weighted towards the "unfinished" end.


May 2002-Jan 2006. My first webcomic. Inspired by Morgion's offhand comment about "nanite-enhanced gerbils piloting robot suits piloting mechs", it is eventually a tale about the destruction wrought by a generations-old war. Ran concurrently with Monty and Morgion roomie-shenanigans.

The Adventures of 52 Yo Mama and Bloot

My second webcomic began in January 2011 and continued mostly-weekly until 2015. The story of high school cheerleader Trady, her magical slime Bloot, and the slightly goth Corundum as they deal with classroom cliques and murderous magicians.

Semantic Princess

Coming even later, I don't have details of the story nailed down yet but Semantic Princess is an idea that deserves at least a limited series. Expect a magical-girl parody, at the very least. I will also cram in as much horrible punning and wordplay as I can.

Nine Lives of Wai

Picking up a generation after the events of GerbilMechs, Wai's nine children deal with inherited celebrity and the uneasy truce between gerbil and hamster. Expect Alec, Necowai, and Neketsi the Whipping Girl to figure heavily.


Haven't decided yet if this will be a comic or a video should probably be both. Castlevania hijinks.

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