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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, I scored The Princess Bride and Clue out of the Wal-Mart $5.50 bin, I had another hard drive start making grinding noises.


Okay, fine. I'll do another one. Bastards talked me into it.


I'd like to thank Canada. Without their weird TV schedules and dedicated team of encoders I might have to wait upwards of two days to see the Daily Show and Colbert Report. If not for them, Morgion and I could not have watched an entire season of Justice League Unlimited yesterday...a season that won't air its final episode in America until April 8th!


If you've ever had the misfortune to see Dungeons and Dragons, or you've heard about how laughably horrible it is, I'd like to tell you a secret. Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God is completely not bad. I mean, it's not a great movie, not an instant classic or anything. More like a hidden gem; I would put it above 90% of the Sci-Fi Originals being churned out these days. The actors are unknown but competent, the plot is standard fantasy fare, the CGI is budget but passable. It's just a solid flick. If you happen to have played D&D at some point in your life -- or even if you just read Order of the Stick -- you get the added bonus of witnessing all the characters act out the rules. You can pinpoint the moment that the Rogue makes his Find Traps roll, witness a Mage study an unknown magic ring, watch the Lord of Adventuring Tools "rope" prove its worth. I've heard the original movie is "better" if you imagine you're watching a group of 15-year-old geeks playing the adventure in their parents' that analogy, this movie is like watching a group of 30-year-olds play a professional campaign at a D&D convention.

I like to draw, I like to work with video, and I especially like to code, but one medium I've never quite been able to crack was audio. Sure I played tuba for eight years, and people say I'm a good singer, but I've never written my own stuff. I don't expect a week with a MIDI composer to change that but...does this stuff rock? I mean, would you mind listening to it looped in the background of a video game?

Chemu desperately needed background music.

This is a note for Google: Cool Trends seminars are actually Quixtar.


I'll put more stuff here eventually. Right now I'm busy celebrating Fucking Konami Week 2006 over at Insert Credit.


Oh man, before I forget. We need to write a script about a zombie movie where all the "goodguys" have short-term memory problems. All praise be to All Souls' Day for inspiring us.

Maybe this layout? Horizontal navbar? Hm.


Wrote up a page for all my old videos.


For now, all I've got is a forum. More to follow.

Did some quick CSS stuff. Not bad.

Once again, I think I've settled on a design pretty much by accident. Green and white on black, I can't get enough of it. Added a brief Chemu section and a link to GerbilMechs.

It just hit me that this site looks quite a lot like the old personal site I had up at gogeek. It'll probably have a lot of the same sections, too. The "video" section is a big one, both in importance and in sheer size. I'll have to see if it's economical to host those guys here...maybe I should just throw them up on Google Video, now that they have a download button.