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03Jan2018 1900: Resolve to Dissolve

Okay, we're all back from the holidays now? Okay cool. Cool. What's new with you? Oh, you know me. Give a guy a Glowforge and suddenly he's trying to laser things that don't need to be lasered.

Did I really need to make a storage box for a game that I haven't played yet? Did I need to make one that can't really be used during gameplay? Shut up, you. I have a laser. Every day lasering something is a day of discovery and wonder. For example, I discovered that the window I chose for my very classy ventilation setup likes to ice itself shut in winter.

I also discovered that this box-making site is perfect in all but one respect. It absolutely will not listen to you asking for Inside dimensions. I wonder why that is? It's better to do the interior math yourself once before you start to customize it with designs and then find out it's the wrong size four times.

My deeply stupid novel continues apace. I didn't post a new chapter while vacation had me in its grasp, but that doesn't mean I wasn't writing! I cracked 30000 words at the new year and I apologize in advance.