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16aug2017 1945: Simpsons Reference

Is everybody ready to punch Nazis go eclipse-crazy? Heck yeah, me too! Got my eclipse goggles here and they look like some serious welding shit and I'll just link you to their page.

You're not hallucinating; the page for the goggles is totally gone. They're not out of stock, they're not back-ordered. I didn't know that was even possible on Amazon. The fly-by-night bastards at Rexway went out of their way to look like actual welding goggles and they didn't even wait around for one-star reviews. They got their orders, shipped items that may or may not be eclipse-rated, and vanished the entire page. I suppose it's possible that they're usable for--

Well shit. Okay. New optimism. At the very least, these are a standard goggle size so I might be able to put real lenses into them.

09Aug2017 1930: Not All Who Wander Are Lost

This post is here to remind you all that I'm a relatively affluent white middle-class American man. I plan to do so by complaining that a physical object cannot cross an entire country in less than a week -- except it probably will anyway. I fully recognize that this is incredibly ridiculous even as these bytes leave my keyboard, in real time, a spiral of self-reflection that threatens to drown the lede.


This log resembles nothing so much as a company that thought it knew where Fargo was, missed it by a state, drove around in circles for a couple days, and then handed off to a more responsible company.

04Aug2017 1530: Structural Supports

A couple of quick things today. I'm only a little ways into Nier: Automata so I'm not ready to render a verdict...despite having seen two endings already. It's the second-best game where I've ridden a moose this year. Pretty good year for moose-riding, all around.

This alleged article is the longest, most interesting, and most well-researched advertisement for a t-shirt I've ever seen.

It's been two days and I'm still angry about this image.