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31Aug2006 1810: Castle in the Sky

Oh hell yes. I've got a 2.5 bedroom condo with 1 bedroom needs.

27Aug2006 2221: That Word You Keep Using

Attention spammers: while my built-in Mail filter may not catch your new class of English-quotation spam, I am still savvy enough to avoid it. Unless, of course, you send me a subject line of "This Watch is inconceivable". I will click the hell out of that.

27Aug2006 1646: We Will, We Will Hug You

This is maddening. I'm sitting here in my condo, having finally moved the last of my stuff, and for ten minutes I have heard music from across the river. This music reaches deep into my childhood and grips me by the throat and yells ICE CREAM. Mobile ice cream that will soon disappear! At least, I assume it is an ice cream truck; it could also be stadium fight music for a Littlest Possible League tournament.

I have not ridden a bicycle in over a decade, and in that time I have not wanted one more than I do right now. I can tell you that I would drop whatever unpacking needs doing and haul twentysomething ass to the source of that tinkly tasty music. Especially now that I am financially independent and can purchase the largest, most ridiculous treat they have.

21Aug2006 1922: Breaking Radio Silence

The rooms that needed painting are now painted, so I can do other stuff again. Friday and Saturday were both consumed with primer and paint, and Sunday was consumed by a hangover after three celebratory bottles of wine were...consumed.

Zombie City Tactics is a delightful chess-like take on all the Zombie Infection Simulators out there on the Intertubes. The graphics are abstract and you absolutely must read the manual, but it's a perfect way to while away the five-minute chunks I have while my invoicing code generates like 1500 pdf files.

16Aug2006 1900: First Post!

...from the new condo! I got here literally three minutes before the UPS lady did, carrying my sleek new DSL modem. A modem which apparently can't help but broadcast its network name...you can "stop" SSID broadcast, at which point it broadcasts a blank name. Wonderful.

13Aug2006 2148: Microcosm

This highlight reel of AOL searches is the most hilarious thing from SA in weeks. Each image is a little short story, a glimpse of Americana at its most depraved. I highly recommend the first one on page 2.

...I'm finished for now (there's more next week!), and I recommend every single one of those search logs. It's amazing; I feel like I know these people, their troubles, their dreams, their credit card numbers.

12Aug2006 1809: Ocarina of Much Less Time

Popping in to say there's not much to say. Everything I could do or buy is on hold until I close on the condo Tuesday. While away the hours like I did: a speedrun of Ocarina of Time. That movie completes the game about twenty-five times faster than I did, but there's only a few parts where it's like "holy shit what just happened?"

02Aug2006 2145: Pande oniu !

Oh noes! y car horn just fell off y printer and s acked y laptop's keyboard, totally busting up the letter before N! This is going to be a proble , when " onthenor" tries to log into the " onthenoriu " to talk about hi self on his foru .

Once again, my backup laptop (now relegated to a closet server) comes through in the clutch! Check out this marvel of make-shift mastery! MMMmmmMMMMmMmMMMMmm! It's even one of the old translucent white keys, embedded in a sea of opaquery.

The game I've been playing most lately is (CUIDADO Flash-heavy site) BOTS. It's free, in open beta, and if it crashed about 30% less it'd be perfect. It's one of those massively-multiwhatevers I've heard so much about, but with a much more actiony focus than most. Instead of clicking repeatedly to slash a bunny with a sword, you pound V repeatedly to punch a robot with your fist! That's way cooler.