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30May2006 2144: Mo Money, Mo Sexin'

Last Thursday I got my first full paycheck from my new job (cf. Hired). You know that thing that Warner Bros cartoons did, where a character would emote surprise and/or shock with huge bugging-out eyes? And the eyes would invariably make that "sprooiinggg!" sound? When I saw my takehome pay it was kinda like that. With my penis.

And then! I went to Wells Fargo and applied for a Roth IRA, because retirement will be awesome. I check the web site every few hours to see if my application has gone through; I am excited for the prospect of putting the maximum allowable sums into an index fund and not touching them for thirty-five years. What I really need is a cute little red-headed accountant to compound me daily. I'm talking about my penis again.

25May2006 2119: Reflex v3

A week already? I have been doing a LOT of running around getting the thesis experiment set up for June, and of course there's the new job that actually takes up 40 hours of my time.

And then there's the new version of Reflex, with the associated Game Maker source.

18May2006 1941: Potato Mug

New thread in the Snakkin' section of the forum. This one is less of a recipe and more of a presentation. Enjoy my genius.

14May2006 2112: HAHAHAHAH


14May2006 0907: Poseidon

I fear I'm losing my edge; I didn't think Poseidon was all that bad. Maybe I've seen too many truly horrible movies to judge the middling-bad ones. Maybe I'm focussing more on the pretty good parts where the people are running and crawling flat out through a sinking ship, and less on the wall of Hollywood action-movie cliches that blocks their final egress. I wonder if the director realized that the sudden onslaught of hackneyed dialogue between archetypes would alienate the few fans he had gathered through the action scenes.

A clue can be found in the final obstacle: a propeller shaft that, when they enter, is set to "blow a bit." After much hand-wringing and the densest set of action tropes I've seen in recent memory, the propeller is set to "suck a whole lot", and they are saved.

At some point during the week Reflex got updated with another set of four space!!

07May2006 1917: Reflex

hay guys what's this is it a game?

Tired, friend's in town and being bored at my place, so hungry. But still, I find time in my life to make a game and present it to you, the viewer. Only four levels (three + boss) right now, but more amazing updates to follow.

I have recently been introduced to the marvel of Game Maker and all else has fallen away.

04May2006 1915: Me and SQL Server VS All Y'all

Never mind. When installing an unfamiliar piece of software in an unfamiliar environment, it is important to at least consider that the instructions you received on installation settings may themselves be faulty.

02May2006 1943: Me VS SQL Server

So at work I'm trying to install MS SQL Server 2000, but I keep getting this error. The infamous message A previous program installation created pending file operations on the installation machine. You must restart the computer before running setup. is plastered all over the Intarwebs, but most of those link back to that Microsoft web page.

Unfortunately, their listed fix not only doesn't work, I don't appear to have that key in my registry at all. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager.PendingFileRenameOperations does not exist, ever, at any point during the install. Has anybody else had to work around this issue before?