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30Apr2006 1912: Are We Still Here?

New feature debuting over in the archive bar: Earth Destruction Status. This is a handy way to see whether or not the Earth has been destroyed, maintained by the International Earth-Destruction Advisory Board. If the image to the left turns red you probably have less than fifteen minutes to relocate to another habitable planet or space station.

Sparksolur is awesome for introducing me to the IEDAB.

24Apr2006 1614: Take It Off

Morgion has had a song stuck in his head for a day, and now you can too. I wouldn't mind playing that in a Guitar Hero, although it's less an homage to rock than it is rock elitism.

20Apr2006 2029: Hired

Re: my entry of March 31st. Multiband called today and said hey come sign this and I said ok.

16Apr2006 1722: New Shirt

If I ever sell even a single copy of this shirt (also available in generic flavor) it will make me one shirt happier. Paranormal Events is still the biggest seller somehow, and I won't link to it because that only makes it stronger.

16Apr2006 1614: Let Them Blow Your Mind

Fruity Oaty Bar!

Family visit went well. It was more tiring and filling than I anticipated, but Mom's in her Hjemkomst and all's right with the world. And the Internet taught me a valuable lesson about the difference between the Hjemkomst web site and the Hjemkomst web site, which is one of palatable design.

13Apr2006 2208: Crap

So my mom was all like "Everybody has Easter break when will you be here?" and I all "Why don't you guys come visit here on Saturday?" and then she was "Okay we'll be there Friday and stay overnight!" and I'm like "Huzzu-what?"

I have reached a state of low panic. I thought hey, we could go minigolfing. They're not open yet. I thought hey, we could go to the silly little zoo. They're not open yet. We...we could see a movie? Wow, look at all that crap. Slither I've seen, and Mom won't like the carpet-F-bombing. More specifically, she won't like my little (is 14 still "little"?) brother in there. Inside Man is also R. Ice Age 2 would make me gouge out my eyes. Scary Movie 4 hell no. Crap.

So now I feel like a doof that I invite the family up to party in Fargo and don't even have a plan. There will be restaurants, yes, but there's a lot of non-eating time still unaccounted for.

10Apr2006 2008: Hey Pussies

Dammit America, shut up about swear words and stop thinking of the children. I just watched the Back to the Future trilogy and I noticed something. The 80s got to say "shit" a whole lot and still get a PG rating. And look how we turned out! Take your fucking censorship and cram it up your ass.

Actually. Uh. Between 1985 and 1992 there seems to be an upward trend in crime, which is the approximate times for the BttF movies. So. Crime was a result of restless fans waiting for a resolution to the trilogy? Shit.

09Apr2006 1722: I Tell You Things

Planetes is a damn fine series. It deals with the coming problem of space exploration being hampered by all the floating crap in orbit. Enter: the space janitors!

I'll have to adopt a new no-clicking-links policy for Wikipedia. Yesterday I just wanted to look up the legend of Steeldriving John Henry, and twelve hours later I ended on Buddhist compassion-god Kuan Yin. I now know more about Green Lantern than any one man should ever know.

05Apr2006 0934: !

Big ups to Morgion for knowing about this. Unfortunately now is not the time to be dropping $45+ dollars on jelly beans (see previous entries).

04Apr2006 2225: Addendum


04Apr2006 2033: Monty Smash

Class Action Settlement on Lincoln Town Cars with cracked intake manifolds. Deadline for submitting a claim: March 16th.

01Apr2006 2319:

Slither is perhaps the perfect B movie. There's zombies, aliens, hillbillies, a sleazy mayor, and a teenage girl who knows more about the invasion than she should. Nathan Fillion plays the befuddled small-town sheriff Nathan Fillion. I mean, He really was a lot like he was in Firefly.

It earns its R rating through vulgarity, not boobies. Just a heads up.

01Apr2006 1045: Happy Unusability Day

I hate April 1st. Most of the Internet suddenly explodes with "jokes" that make the whole thing horribly hostile. And what would I do without the Internet? Read? I get all my books from the Internet!

Time to hunker down and wait this thing out.