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18Apr2017 1800: Reapril Showers

Early and light post this week, as ma bud's coming to town tonight and we will be heads down over each and every board game in all of our collections. I just needed to pop in and give you the red-alert notice that you should immediately drop whatever you're doing in your life and go watch Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return. I didn't much like the movie version and RiffTrax never felt right to me. But this weekend I was agape as MST3K was actually back. From moment one they hit the skits, the songs, the is a slavish recreation of everything that made the original great staffed entirely by people who adored the original. It shouldn't be this effective nearly twenty years(!) after the show ended. It shouldn't have worked.

And, if you were still wondering how long it took The Mexican Runner to be told there was a map: 74 hours and 40 minutes. The series is only(!) 86 hours long, so this one piece of information must kick the progress into lightspeed.

12Apr2017 2000: Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my youngest brother, today this very day! We had a minor1 family get-together last weekend and celebrated our growing coterie of April Boyz, but today is more important than all the other days. Today is the day he was born while Gramma Cos watched the rest of us and I snuck down to play Nintendo in the middle of the night and tried to sneak back to bed but I'm pretty sure she saw me but she played it cool and let me pretend to get away with it. And then the next day I had a baby brother! I think that's why I still play video games.

06Apr2017 2100: Adulting Intensifies

This week I'd like to talk about Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But I can't because I've barely played it because I've been adulting so hard in my condo. Cabin fever led to spring cleaning led to ditching my ugly old blinds

for completely new curtains

and a new stepstool to install them and a new sink

which needed new cutoff valves underneath and a bigger hole cut in the countertop which meant new laminate router bits. I've been squeezing in thirty minutes of moblin hunting at the end of the day but I haven't taken a weekend to just sit down and cuddle with Zelda yet.

1Family get-togethers

  1. minor: 4 growlers or less
  2. major: 4-10 growlers
  3. reunion: 10+ growlers and/or 3+ trips to liquor store