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12Oct2016 1830: Leaks and Streams

Okay fine, I didn't post last week. I should take the time to flex at least a little writing acumen on a regular schedule. Writing is one of those useful life skills that I have experience in, unlike repairing a damn washing machine argh which is what I was doing instead.

That's great old man if you have infinite off-camera space to store the junk but if you don't it starts to look like this

It appears that Google is keeping this Blogged 50 format for new singles; RIP monthly Antenna playlists. I'm not a fan of the Internet radio format that everybody is pushing for. I want to know what songs are coming up. I want to know what songs I just missed. I left Pandora and years ago, when cloud playing (of your own music) finally took hold, because I want at least a little say in what the playlist looks like. The new stream regime at least has the advantage of listening to songs at your own pace -- you can pause and return to the same place, rather than a river of songs flowing past you in real time. But if I want to get downloadable monthly free singles to make fun of, I guess I'll have to go back to Amaz--