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28Jul2006 1949: Condo

Since last we talked, I've all-but-closed on a condo closer to work. The offer is accepted, the mortgage paperwork is filled out, and my home inspection is done. Morgion agrees: it is a swank pad. Also it is a retirement community. But not really! It's just that all four residents I've seen have been old women.

I will be the baddest motherfucker for three blocks.

On top of that, the seller may even leave behind a lit display case/bureau/thing. It would be ideal for my Burger King Dragonball Z figures, or maybe these hot little numbers.

19Jul2006 2013: Portals

Oh damn I almost forgot. This trailer for Portal is composed of joy and holes. Teleportals are one of my top three choices for a superpower. The team that programmed Portal also made Narbacular Drop, which is essentially Portal Lite for Windows.

19Jul2006 1954: Shyamalanfreude

Thanks to cousin Monkeymonger for the word of the week up there. It's German for "happiness at this douche's final descent into mediocrity". Maybe now people will stop funding his movies.

So I finally got around to reworking the Catan shirt. Hopefully changing this into this will keep Mayfair off my backs. You know, the same Mayfair that made that board game I really really like which has nothing whatsoever to do with my shirt. The same Mayfair that doesn't even sell shirts.

16Jul2006 1734: State Machine Pornography

This was also linked off Fark and the whole article is pretty great but this page in particular made me go all like gamer-splooge!

In today's episode of Monty's Behind the Curve, Questionable Content. I destroyed its archive in a manner not seen since Scary Go Round.

15Jul2006 1213: Things I Like

Whew, been incommunicado for over a week. Let me summarize my recent goings-on:

Today I'm going to look at a few condos! I'm not too hyped for any of these specific ones, but I figure I should probably meet the realtor face-to-face at least once.

In the very near future, Monty and Morgion may not be living in close proximity for the first time in like seven years.

07Jul2006 2308: Cower in Fear, Mortals

Fashion is coming for you!! With large knickers!! This entire thing is pretty much whence I derive my hate of...human society?

03Jul2006 2047: Squee is Onomatopoeia

Look, look! I'm particularly good! External validation only makes me stronger!!